PIVOT's Mileage Improvement Series
PIVOT RAIZIN SPARK Type VPIVOT RAIZIN SPARK Type VBrings out 100% of your ignition coil's performance!
PIVOT e-DRIVEPIVOT e-DRIVEA monitor designed for easy to improve fuel consumption eficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.


Brings out the best in each type of electronic device.

In order to supply each type of device with a stable voltage supply, it is very important to think about the connection point so as to match that device's particular traits. For this reason PIVOT has designed a lineup of products not only for overall improvement but individual products that can be used as they are or in combination to improve the operation of certain devices.


Compatible Car Models / Price / Size / Place of Installation

Compatible Car Models Price (US) Size Place of Installation
Blue RAIZIN (VS-1) 12V vehicles $42.00 24x86x92 Battery
Blue RAIZIN (VS-E) 12V vehicles $58.00 Battery
Red RAIZIN (VS-S) Compatible car models only $65.00 Changing Interior Fuse(s)
Yellow RAIZIN (VS-V) Some of SUBARU car $112.00 With Engine room coupler on
Black RAIZIN (CA-VS) 12V vehicles $48.00 Battery / Audio
V capa (VMC) 12V vehicles $69.00 20x60x50 Cigarette Lighter Socket
SPARK EARTH (SES) 12V vehicles $49.00 35x50x20 Between Battery and Engine
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